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Global Player in the Countryside

REA The Company in Muehltal-Waschenbach writes a success story – qualified employees are wanted

Jörg Pauly likes understatement. „As a service provider in the payment transaction, we have a certain reputation”, the managing partner of REA Card GmbH says about his company. Quite true, one might add. Whoever uses an ec or credit card, encounter sooner or later almost inevitably on REA products. REA Card developed stationary and mobile terminals. These products handled daily the countless transactions such as retail, crafts or in restaurants. Besides the REA Card GmbH the REA Elektronik GmbH has made with advanced technology in the field of industrial marking systems (REA JET) and the code inspection systems (REA VERIFIER) a worldwide name. The width of the product portfolio gives REA attractive unique selling proposition enabled the company to grow rapidly in recent years and developed internationally. The supply chain of the company is complete. By REA the range of services of the development and production of hardware and software extends over the device installation to the realization of individual system solutions. Customers are served through a separate, multi-lingual hotline staffed. Manfred Pauly sen. founded the company in 1982 in Riedstadt. In the early 90s, the company moved into the green to Muehltal in front of the gates of Darmstadt. Employees and business partners appreciate the proximity to the Rhein-Main area with its good living- and infrastructure. „Many of our employees come from the area of Muehltal, therefore the choice was obvious. From here you are moreover in eight minutes on the highway and in half an hour at the airport", says Pauly.

Global Player in the Countryside:: The REA headquaters in Muehltal-Waschenbach.

For several years, the company has further diversified and developed into a global player with other companies and several business segments. Worldwide, there are now seven subsidiaries, among others in the United States, England and South Africa. Further locations are planned. Through distributors REA is represented on all continents in over 40 countries around the world. The export share is well over 50 percent. 1995 were it 35 employees. Now, the staff in Muehltal comprises more than 300 people. This year alone, were added 25 new hires.

The manging partners:: Wolfgang (left) and Jörg Pauly.

In addition to ambitious corporate objectives, REA is also otherwise sporty in many ways: „In all businesses, we recorded a hard and healthy competition, which we successfully take” says Jörg Pauly. As for the health of employees, the company has created something that may be unique far and wide: REA has its own sports club with 80 members by now. The club has a soccer team and cooperates with a local gym. For the staff special discounts apply. REA offering regular ski trips, also running groups and bowling get-togethers. At the Frankfurt Marathon are participants, former professional football players from Borussia Dortmund and SV Darmstadt 98 belong to the staff. „Employees who do sports are healthier. And it strengthens the community spirit immensely. We see it holistically", says Phillip Becker, also Managing Director at REA Card – itself an ambitious racing cyclist – the philosophy of the company.

The REA Soccer Team:: Michel Grünewald, Trainee by REA.

Many projects for leisure activity are meanwhile based on employees' own initiative. „Our programmers do a high concentration job for several hours on the PC. Prevention through sport is certainly useful for the physical and mental well-being", says Becker. This applies of course for all employees. Quasi REA instead of rehab. The club is actually not a "closed shop", it is not only open for the own company employees. Meanwhile, even networks have emerged to other companies.

Future device generations:: Walli Himmelheber designed future device generations.

Wolfgang Pauly and Michael Neuschäfer, both Managing Directors of REA Elektronik GmbH, make no secret of the fact that REA („Rationalisierung, Entwicklung, Automation") suffers under a general rampant shortage of skilled labor. „We are looking for qualified people. This is actually all over the place in all departments, but especially for sales experts and specialists in the technology", says Neuschäfer. The education of its own employees is therefore attributed increasing importance. Who comes to the company finds an attractive workplace. REA is a partner company of the University of Darmstadt in the cooperative degree program informatics (KoSI). The dual degree program forming continuously students in the practical implementation of IT projects. The compatibility of family and work is very important here. And those who want to continue their education can do so in addition to the job: flexible working and part time models make this possible , semester and final papers are supported.

Final device assembly:: Alemu Deressa by the final device assembly.

An invaluable advantage for the future of the company and the security of their jobs is the fact that REA is a family-owned and long-term plans. „This means we are financially and organizationally independent. Quarter thinking and short-term pursuit of profit is not an issue over here“, says Reto Heil, Head of Marketing REA Elektronik. „Many of our competitors had to give up their independence long ago." The innovation of our employees leads to first-class results, so Larissa Feldmann, Head of Marketing REA Card. For example, REA Card optained this year from German Sparkassen- and Giroverband the first Prize: the winner of the competition „Contactless payments" with ec or credit cards. The ec-terminal REA T5 retail could points in the so-called near-field communication (contact-free) with the fastest payment processing. Instead of insert the card into a slot – and difficult to pay attention to whether it happens on correctly – users need to keep them only before a terminal.

REA T5 retail:: EC payment terminal REA T5 retail.

As to the marking systems, Reto Heil comes almost into raptures. „Our products are extremely robust, over many years. They are used everywhere, from steel production in the United States to the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland", says Heil. Our staff at REA play indirectly a part in contributing to detect falsification of products and medicines through contactless applied DataMatrix Codes. In general, the traceability and obvious marking of products and goods of all kinds is a perennial favorite across all industries. REA has these and many other trends identified early: as a perfectly healthy global player who is at home in the countryside and a success story writes.

REA JET Large Charakter Ink Jet Printer:: Marking of aluminium plates. REA JET and REA VERIFIER:: Print Codes and proof Codes.

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