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Marking of
steel products

For marking onto steel products REA JET has standard systems in the portfolio but is flexible enough to also build customized solutions. The printing systems are used as a stand-alone module or integrated as components in systems with computer connection.

Particularly suitable is the large character inkjet printer DOD, which was developed specifically for use in heavy industry environments. This robust and reliable system marks different surfaces contact-free and in real time with text, data for traceability, 2D datamatrix codes and 1D barcodes or graphics. The font resolution is compliant with all industry standards for coding and marking. The system can apply and also serialize the 2D datamatrix code ECC200. Products can be automatically identified by the datamatrix code, which speeds up the movement of goods. Such codes have despite its compact dimensions, a significantly higher data capacity than barcodes and include a special algorithm for error correction. Therefore, damaged codes can still be read.

The DOD is based on the drop-on-demand principle. It is available with 7, 16 or 32 nozzles and is suitable for example for marking of steel- and square tubes, plates, coils, slabs, steel- or shipbuilding profiles. The DOD tolerates vibrations and temperature fluctuations from minus 5 up to plus 45 degrees Celsius. The housing complies the requirements of IP65 and protects the printer from water, dust and dirt. For extreme conditions of production, there is the DOD with reinforced housing, heated print head, compressed design and as a special version for hazardous areas.

The DOD convinces with its reliability and minimal maintenance requirements: The print head nozzles are cleaned without separate flushing system simply by pressing a button. All modules can be exchanged quickly and easily. Products are marked clean at speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. For the economical use of consumables carries the variable adjustable drop (dot-size Control).

The DOD delivers texts and logos up to 140 mm in height. For larger fonts more print heads are combined. Continuous steel sheets or tubes are marked at speeds up to 300 m/min.

If the marking has to be even larger in seize, or the steel at the time of marking has a temperature beyond 300 °C, the REA JET Spray Mark Technology is the system of choice: Single spray mark guns apply colored rings onto tubes for classification or longitudinal lines as a pilot line for weld-inspection systems on the quality check. Marking blocks allow very large alphanumeric texts that are still very well legible from a distance. Spray Mark Systems apply colored fields on metal surfaces. REA JET CO2-laser systems mark texts, logos and codes into these colored fields for automatic reading processes.

For coding and marking over 400 different inks and paints are available to mark on various substrates and product surfaces. In addition to standard inks, such as fast drying MEK inks, alcohol- and water-based and pigmented inks in different colors for high-contrast markings, there are a number of specialty inks available. These are customized to meet the specific requirements for special applications and production conditions. REA JET DOD: The large character inkjet printer REA JET DOD prints texts, codes and graphics onto steel surfaces.
The large character inkjet printer REA JET DOD prints texts, codes and graphics onto steel surfaces.

Company profile

REA JET develops and produces industrial marking and coding systems for contact-free industrial marking. The portfolio includes ink jet printers, laser and marking systems, label solutions, as well as inks and consumables. The practically orientated products are designed for use in all branches and have proven worldwide across all industries and business segments.

REA JET and REA VERIFIER (Code Verification Systems) are both divisions of REA Elektronik GmbH based in Muehltal, near Frankfurt am Main. REA Card, another REA division, develops and markets cashless payment systems. REA Elektronik was founded in 1982, is owner-operated and employees a staff of 300 (2013). All REA JET products 100 percent made in Germany.

Company Contact:
REA Elektronik GmbH
Reto Heil
Telephone:    +49 (0) 6154 / 638-1122
E-Mail:            rheil@rea.de
Web:              www.rea-jet.com

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