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Free REA PharmaScan App
for Codes

Muehltal, April 16, 2014 – As of now, REA Elektronik GmbH offers to all smartphone users an efficient and free tool for decryption of 2D codes on medicinal product packages. Also one-dimensional codes (barcodes) and QR codes are decoded.

REA JET - PharmaScan App

The introduction of individual serial numbers for prescription medications implements the EU Directive 2011/62/EU. The REA PharmaScan App recognizes PPN codes which are assigned by the organizations IFA and EFPIA for serialization purposes (GS1 NTIN, GS1 GTIN, IFA PPN). QR codes as well as Data Matrix codes containing GTIN or NTIN in accordance with the GS1 standard are also captured. Pharmacological imitations can be identified in the case of printed codes which do not correspond to any validated code logic.

The App checks the symbol by taking into account the EFPIA and Securpharm specifications, translates the content in plain text and, in addition, identifies any errors in the data structure. In this way, it is possible not only to exercise control over non-company codes but also to perform a simple check of the company codes for their correct encryption. All scanning results are stored chronologically in a history file. The code types are designated by their names; crude data without a control character are presented under “Code Content”.

PharmaScan App:: REA  offers to all smartphone users an efficient and free tool for decryption of 2D codes.
REA PharmaScan App to decrypt Code-Content.

The REA PharmaScan App is a useful tool in the entire chain of the packaging and selling processes because it permits to check rapidly the plausibility and content of a printed code with a cell phone in the hand. It decrypts and checks the logic and syntax of article number, serial number, batch number, expiration date and, if present, also the production date and puts an end to the confusion over undecipherable columns of numbers. The application can be obtained as Android version in Playstore and as iOS version in the App store.

The application areas are, for example:
  • For decrypting code contents for private clients of pharmaceutical products
  • In the creation of layouts for primary and secondary packages
  • During the work preparation processes in configuring the production order
  • In the quality assurance for random control checks
  • For pharmacies and government authorities for performing simple comparisons
  • For the print shops in performing control of the proofs
REA JET offers high-resolution coding and marking systems for printing machine-readable codes on products and packages.

The manufacturer points out specifically that PharmaScan App permits to read contents. The necessary qualitative checking of codes can be performed in accordance with the standards only with the REA VERIFIER optical code verification devices.

Here you get by a click or scan directly to the installation site for the PharmaScan App in the versions iOS and Android:

REA PharmaScan App
REA PharmaScan App
Apple iOS - App Store
 Android - Playstore

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Company profile

REA JET develops and manufactures premium industrial coding and marking systems for contact-free industrial marking. The portfolio includes ink jet printers, laser and spray mark systems, labeling solutions, as well as inks and consumables. The practically orientated products are designed for use in all branches and have proven worldwide across all industries and business segments.

REA JET and REA VERIFIER (Code Verification Systems) are both divisions of REA Elektronik GmbH based in Muehltal, near Frankfurt am Main. REA Card, another REA division, develops and markets cashless payment systems. REA Elektronik was founded in 1982, is owner-operated and employees a staff of 300 (2013). All REA JET products 100 percent made in Germany.

Company Contact:
REA Elektronik GmbH
Reto Heil
T:              +49 (0)6154 / 638 1122
E-Mail:         rheil@rea.de

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