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Codes on three-dimensional shapes
are analyzed reliable

Cologne/Muehltal July 01, 2014 – In the new GS1 Germany Knowledge Center in Cologne, the entire logistics chain from production to sale is displayed as a multimedia experience. In the center of the virtual and real world stands the acceleration of all processes through the coding of products as the basis for the automated identification of products. The quality assurance of codes is demonstrated with REA VERIFIER devices.

Codes must be applied according to standards, so they are machine-readable without problems. REA supports the GS1 Center as a sponsor and presents well-engineered solutions for verifying DataMatrix- and Barcodes at the Auto ID exhibition. With verification devices such as the REA ScanCheck 3 it is determined whether the codes are in compliance with the specified parameters. Based on the physical and structural content verification, codes can be optimized to correspond with the specifications and global standards.

Codes on three-dimensional shapes such as bottles or components are analyzed with the REA VeriCube. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically and is therefore quite flexible in many ways. Also, its operation can be adapted to the respective requirements thanks to the rotating keyboard. A high-precision optics module with an integrated CMOS camera chip ensures precise and reproducible measurement results and thus for a profound evaluation and verification of printed codes.

For the correct coding of objects REA JET has laser and ink jet systems in the portfolio to contact-free mark all kinds of different surfaces in high resolution. The technology satisfies central requirements for Industry 4.0 such as the remote control and parameter setting via the company network or via any web browser. Thus, the cross-system networking is simplified and allows an immediate exchange of data between devices without adjustment.

REA VERIFIER:: REA VeriCube for 2D Code verification.
REA VERIFIER - VeriCube for 2D Code verification.

REA VERIFIER:: Portable and stationary Code Verification Systems.
REA VERIFIER - Portable and stationary Code Verification Systems.

Company Profile

REA JET develops and manufactures premium industrial coding and marking system for contact-free industrial marking. The portfolio includes ink jet printers, laser and spray mark systems, labeling solutions, as well as inks and consumables. The practically orientated products are designed for use in all branches and have proven worldwide across all industries and business segments.

REA VERIFIER is a manufacturer of Code Verification Systems for quality control of DataMatrix- and Barcodes. The goal is to optimize processes by high degree of first reading rates within automated identification systems.

REA JET and REA VERIFIER are both divisions of REA Elektronik GmbH based in Muehltal, near Frankfurt am Main. REA Card, another REA division, develops and markets cashless payment systems. REA Elektronik was founded in 1982, is owned-operated and employees a staff of 300 (2013). All REA JET and REA VERIFIER products are 100 percent made in Germany.

Company Contact:
REA Elektronik GmbH
Reto Heil
T:              +49 (0)6154 / 638 0
E-Mail:       info@rea-jet.de
Web:         www.rea-jet.com

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