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State-of-the-art coding and
marking for material and information flow

Muehltal, 1st of March 2016 – The logistics industry is preparing for its biggest change in its history. During the ages of online trading and the Internet of Things, even manufacturing and logistic companies that are spoiled by success have to face new challenges and invest in an Industry 4.0-suitable infrastructure. But why all the effort?

Products become increasingly comparable, so only those who know how to control their material and information flows quickly and flawlessly, are able to come out on top of the competition with high delivery capability and speed at low non-conformity costs. This requires clear, accurate and machine-readable status information of all goods and their movements.

At this year’s LogiMat in Stuttgart, REA JET presents exactly for this purpose developed coding and marking systems, as well as code-verifying equipment.

When talking about the Internet of Things, the term of „intelligent objects“ comes up very quickly – for example embodied in the form of RFID chips. However, this chip causes relatively high costs per item and thus lives at marginal existence for years, when it’s about coding and marking of products for status information. In contrast there are fast, contact- and maintenance-free working ink- and laser printing systems, as well as dispensing systems for printed labels, which are on the rise. It is important that those systems are fit for the future and can meet the requirements of modern intralogistics. But what does that mean?
These systems first need to be able to print high-resolution, machine legible codes of any kind. For example DataMatrix or 2D codes gain importance in intralogistics very quickly. With them, less space can be filled with more information and compared to defective barcodes, they are still legible thanks to integrated error correction.

The connection to master databases and the printability of texts and characters from around the world for export-oriented companies are must-have features as well. Therefore, Unicode-support (UTF8), TrueType font capability, a XML-based data structure and communication, modern Ethernet interfaces, sufficient digital I/Os, operating possibility via web browser, a VNC server for remote maintenance and – very important – enough speed reserves for the next investment in marking technology are things to take care of.
At the trade show, REA presents multiple product families with several, cutting-edge technologies that are worldwide leading and satisfy the needs of the age of industry 4.0.

But that is not enough: Anyone who has ever witnessed how expensive and inconvenient the consequences of illegible or badly printed machine-readable codes are, knows to appreciate the preventive code-verifying according to standard with perfect equipment. At the LogiMAT, REA introduces the newest generation of the division REA VERIFIER for quality assurance in the logistics industry. All kinds of machine-legible codes can be analyzed and optimized until their first reading rates comply with the requirements of the industry or the norms. Visitors can bring code samples and have them verified at the booth.

REA at the LogiMat: Hall 3, booth 3B28

REA JET:: 2D Codes - process reliability and cost saving thanks to cutting-edge technologies.
2D Codes - process reliability and cost saving thanks to cutting-edge technologies

About the company
REA JET develops and manufactures premium industrial coding and marking systems for contact-free industrial marking. The portfolio includes ink jet printers, laser and spray mark systems, labeling solutions, as well as inks and consumables. The practically orientated products are designed for use in all branches and have proven worldwide across all industries and business segments.

REA JET and REA VERIFIER (Code Verification Systems) are both divisions of REA Elektronik GmbH based in Muehltal, near Frankfurt am Main. REA Card, another REA division, develops and markets cashless payment systems. REA Elektronik was founded in 1982, is owner-operated and employs a staff of over 300 (2015). All REA JET products are 100 percent made in Germany.

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